Fantasy Football Mock Draft


What is a fantasy football mock draft?

A Fantasy Football mock draft is easy, fast and fun. Most often – it’s free. It’s the same as a real draft, but you’re not stuck with the roster for the whole season. A fantasy football mock draft allows owners to project where players may be selected in their upcoming league draft by practicing with other owners or against the computer in a simulated draft. Owners can choose between traditional snake drafts or auction drafts. Drafts can be completed in a fraction of the time of an actual draft and you can draft as often as you desire.

Each mock draft site will have what’s called a fantasy football mock draft lobby. Start times and number of participants are listed. Simply click to join and you’re in!

Why is a mock fantasy football draft valuable?

In a nutshell, it’s a key part of doing your research prior to the season. It’s about being prepared. Mock drafts provide key insight into community sentiment (i.e. how bullish owners are on certain players).

Keep in mind, the closer it gets to draft day, the more valuable the results. Some players will gain notoriety through popular analyst programs on TV and radio. One way to gauge a player’s movement is by participating in several mock fantasy football drafts. Suddenly, RBs who were merely backups from the previous season start to rank in the top rounds because the starter is suspended, for example. Don’t’ be taken by surprise on draft day when the key sleeper you were targeting in the 5th round gets selected by someone else in round 3. A mock draft will give you a feel for player draft projection ahead of time.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft

I’ve touched on how exciting auction leagues can be in my other posts. Participating in a mock fantasy auction is a great way to determine how much a player is worth. It’s difficult to determine value, but this is a key resource for making sure you don’t overspend. Anyone can look at a player like Adrian Peterson and decide to take him in round 1, but if you’re in an auction league, should you spend $40 or $80? It takes practice.

Fantasy football mock draft results

While mock drafts provide excellent information, even more valuable is having results from real drafts.

My Fantasy League offers free mock drafts to the public. ESPN also provides a great place to participate in free fantasy football mock draft. Here’s an example of the top 100 aggregated results from ESPN’s 2013 Fantasy Football drafts. This represents the first 8 rounds of picks approximately. Most notably, the fourth column represents the average draft position (ADP). This number is what we’re looking for. For example, Adrian Peterson was selected as the first pick on average. Doug Martin was picked 7th on average…etc…Players listed with an ADP 12 and below were first rounders (in a 12 team league). 13 to 24 were second rounders (in a 12 team league) and so forth.

Rank Player Pos ADP
1 Adrian   Peterson, Min RB 1.2
2 Arian   Foster, Hou RB 3
3 Marshawn   Lynch, Sea RB 4.3
4 Ray   Rice, Bal RB 5.9
5 Doug   Martin, TB RB 7
6 Jamaal   Charles, KC RB 8.5
7 Peyton   Manning, Den QB 8.6
8 Calvin   Johnson, Det WR 10.4
9 C.J.   Spiller, Buf RB 10.4
10 Aaron   Rodgers, GB QB 10.4
11 Trent Richardson, Ind RB 11.4
12 Alfred   Morris, Wsh RB 12.5
13 Drew   Brees, NO QB 13.6
14 LeSean   McCoy, Phi RB 14.2
15 A.J.   Green, Cin WR 15.4
16 Steven   Jackson, Atl RB 18.9
17 Dez   Bryant, Dal WR 19
18 Tom   Brady, NE QB 20.1
19 Matt   Forte, Chi RB 20.7
20 Brandon   Marshall, Chi WR 23.2
21 Demaryius   Thomas, Den WR 23.4
22 Frank   Gore, SF RB 23.7
23 Julio   Jones, Atl WR 23.9
24 Stevan   Ridley, NE RB 24.2
25 Chris   Johnson, Ten RB 26.9
26 Roddy   White, Atl WR 30.7
27 Jimmy   Graham, NO TE 31.1
28 Maurice   Jones-Drew, Jac RB 31.4
29 Wes   Welker, Den WR 31.6
30 Andre   Johnson, Hou WR 32.2
31 Cam   Newton, Car QB 33.4
32 Colin   Kaepernick, SF QB 34
33 David   Wilson, NYG RB 34.2
34 Vincent   Jackson, TB WR 34.7
35 Larry   Fitzgerald, Ari WR 35.2
36 Randall   Cobb, GB WR 37.1
37 Victor   Cruz, NYG WR 39
38 Matt   Ryan, Atl QB 39.2
39 Darren   McFadden, Oak RB 40.4
40 Reggie   Bush, Det RB 41.3
41 Eddie   Lacy, GB RB 42.1
42 Robert   Griffin III, Wsh QB 43.1
43 DeMarco   Murray, Dal RB 44.1
44 Marques   Colston, NO WR 44.7
45 Reggie   Wayne, Ind WR 44.8
46 Mike   Wallace, Mia WR 49.2
47 Darren   Sproles, NO RB 49.2
48 Rob   Gronkowski, NE TE 49.4
49 Danny   Amendola, NE WR 50.2
50 Tony   Gonzalez, Atl TE 51.2
51 Hakeem   Nicks, NYG WR 55
52 Jason   Witten, Dal TE 55.2
53 Vernon   Davis, SF TE 55.6
54 Steve   Smith, Car WR 56.2
55 Lamar   Miller, Mia RB 58.4
56 Eric   Decker, Den WR 59.8
57 Matthew   Stafford, Det QB 59.9
58 Dwayne   Bowe, KC WR 59.9
59 Russell   Wilson, Sea QB 60.8
60 James   Jones, GB WR 63.6
61 Montee   Ball, Den RB 64.6
62 Jordy   Nelson, GB WR 66.3
63 Seahawks   D/ST D/ST 67.3
64 Andrew   Luck, Ind QB 67.5
65 Ryan   Mathews, SD RB 69
66 Antonio   Brown, Pit WR 69.4
67 49ers   D/ST D/ST 70.6
68 Pierre   Garcon, Wsh WR 71.5
69 Chris   Ivory, NYJ RB 71.6
70 DeSean   Jackson, Phi WR 71.8
71 Anquan   Boldin, SF WR 71.9
72 Ahmad   Bradshaw, Ind RB 72.8
73 DeAngelo   Williams, Car RB 75.4
74 Torrey   Smith, Bal WR 75.8
75 Kyle   Rudolph, Min TE 79.1
76 Tony   Romo, Dal QB 80.7
77 Giovani   Bernard, Cin RB 81.8
78 Cecil   Shorts, Jac WR 81.9
79 Greg   Jennings, Min WR 82.4
80 Tavon   Austin, StL WR 83.6
81 Julius   Thomas, Den TE 83.7
82 BenJarvus   Green-Ellis, Cin RB 84
83 Owen   Daniels, Hou TE 85.2
84 Texans   D/ST D/ST 86.2
85 Eli   Manning, NYG QB 88.4
86 Steve   Johnson, Buf WR 88.9
87 Shane   Vereen, NE RB 89.1
88 Greg   Olsen, Car TE 89.2
89 Rashard   Mendenhall, Ari RB 89.2
90 Sidney   Rice, Sea WR 90.5
91 Antonio   Gates, SD TE 90.9
92 Daryl   Richardson, StL RB 91.9
93 Miles   Austin, Dal WR 92.4
94 T.Y.   Hilton, Ind WR 93.4
95 Stephen   Gostkowski, NE K 95.3
96 Bears   D/ST D/ST 96.1
97 Mark   Ingram, NO RB 99.9
98 Mike   Williams, TB WR 101.6
99 Vick   Ballard, Ind RB 102.2
100 Lance   Moore, NO WR 104.7

Check back closer to the start of the Fantasy Football 2014 season for FantasyFootballAid’s mock draft fantasy football.


Yahoo, ESPN, FoxSports and CBS Sports fantasy football rankings are great sites for mock drafts.

Compare the results from these drafts to your own lists. Do you have a key player ranked too low? You might miss out on him. Do you have a sleeper ranked too high compared to the ADP? In that case, you might be reaching for an unproven talent. Select a more proven player first and you can still get your targeted sleeper in that later round. The mock draft results will guide you.


A mock fantasy football draft can be a valuable tool in preparing for the upcoming season. Take advantage of this resource. Practice often. Participate in multiple sites and don’t forget to analyze the aggregate results the day before your draft since players ADP will change from week to week. Most of all have fun. It doesn’t take long and usually it’s free.

Good luck!

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